Press Release: Announcing For the Whim Productions

Artistic Director, Heidi Dugan is pleased to announce the formation of a new creative endeavor, For the Whim Productions (FTW). For the Whim has a mission to create theatrical productions that make its audiences laugh, cry, and think. To do this, FTW has established a collaborative culture of like-minded artists, so that together they can provide exceptional performances for the South Jersey region.

For the Whim is distinct from other area theatre groups in that its goal is to produce intimate shows, with an emphasis on productions not traditionally performed by larger groups in larger venues. Modern absurdism, Shakespearean classics, difficult dramatic topics all find spots in FTW’s future plans. The group emphasizes collaboration and quality, while remaining nimble and responsive to the needs and interests of its members and the greater community.

FTW hopes to partner with area businesses to create cohesive experiences which may include food and drink, alternative venues or other inventive entertainment offerings.

Watch the website ( as well as social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for upcoming announcements and tickets.

Media Inquiries please contact:

Heidi Dugan, Artistic Director