All in the Timing

Laughs! Romance! Wordplay!

For its first staged show, For the Whim Productions (FTW) presents David Ives’ hilarious and offbeat collection of comedic one acts, All in the Timing. Performances will be April 25-28 at Appel Farm Arts & Music Center in Elmer, NJ. Tickets available here:

All in the Timing is a collection of one-act comedies by American playwright David Ives, written between 1987 and 1993. It premiered Off-Broadway in 1993 at Primary Stages, and was revived there in 2013. It was first published as a collection of six plays; however, the current collection contains fourteen. The short plays focus on language and wordplay, existentialist perspectives on life and its meaning, as well as complications involved in romantic relationships.

This FTW production will include:

  • Sure Thing: A man (Joe Dugan) and a woman (Meghan Moses) meet for the first time in a cafe, where they have an awkward meeting continually reset each time they say the wrong thing, until, finally, they romantically connect.
  • Words, Words, Words: Three chimpanzees (Joe Dugan, Jim Dennis, Bobbi Kukal), named after famous authors and expected to write Hamlet, for the most part waste time engaging in pointless banter, while occasionally inspired to make grandiose literary allusions.
  • The Universal Language: A man (Andrew Jarema) welcomes a shy woman (Carey Walden) into his language-learning course, in which he only speaks the invented language Unamunda; however, things become more complicated as he begins to fall in love with her.
  • The Philadelphia: At a restaurant, a man (Andrew Jarema) is informed by a friend (Joe Dugan) that his frustrating day is the result of his entrapment in an annoying pocket of reality, called a “Philadelphia,” in which he will only be fulfilled by asking for the opposites of what he wants. (also with Meghan Moses)
  • Variations on the Death of Trotsky: In comic fashion, revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Jim Dennis) dies over and over again from a mountain-climber’s axe-wound received many hours prior. His wife (Bobbi Kukal) comforts him while the murderous gardener (Andrew Jarema) looks on.
  • Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread: In the style of the postmodern composer, Philip Glass (Jim Dennis) visits a baker (Joe Dugan), while a past love (Carey Walden) receives comfort from a friend (Meghan Moses).

Show Cast

Bobbi Kukal, Andrew Jarema, Carey Walden
Joe Dugan, Meghan Moses, Jim Dennis