“The Tempest” Cast List

We are thrilled to announce casting selections for “The Tempest”:

PROSPEROJim Ludovici
SEBASTIANPaul Ranck “Cheever”
ANTONIOCarey Walden Pangia
ARIELBrinah Iglesias
TRINCULODesiree Lara
STEPHANOJason MacDermott
GONZALOMelissa Kiessling

Thank you to everyone who shared their time & talents with us at auditions. We’ll be announcing our 2025 shows soon, so stay tuned for upcoming performance opportunities with FTW!

“The Tempest” runs November 8-16, 2024. Tickets available at ftwproductions.com/tickets.

Auditions – “The Tempest”

Audition Dates: July 14 & 15
6:30 PM Doors / 7:00 PM Start
Hopeloft – Bridgeton, NJ

Director: Andrew Jarema
Production Manager: Tim Pianka

Thank you all for your interest in auditions for The Tempest! The whole team at For the Whim Productions is excited to welcome new and old faces to this new project. Please read the information from the Director below to help you prepare for auditions.

TRANSPARENCY: This is a non-equity, unpaid, all-volunteer production. For the Whim is committed to creating opportunities for local artists, playwrights, thespians, and the like to cultivate and share their work with a larger audience in a culturally diverse and respectable manner representative of all walks of life. FTW practices inclusive casting and will indicate if a role has specific racial, ethnic, gender, age, ability, or any other requirements. All roles are available at this time.

VISION: Our version of The Tempest will be set in a modern, corporate business world with a twist of playful meddling magic. Trapped by a bad storm, the owners of rival businesses, Sycorax and Milan, are forced to talk out their differences. Perhaps a new romance could spring up to merge these two companies? Perhaps that was the plan all along. Also stuck taking shelter, we have the over-enthusiastic and burned out interns, the ‘servant’ mailroom worker, the drunken custodians, and a host of other business tropes parading around. More to come on all that later!

CAST BREAKDOWN: The goal is to have a cast of 12-15 with the ability to work as a team and above all, have a willingness to play.

THE PROCESS: When it comes to auditioning for us, we want you to have fun! We want you to do well and to be proud of putting yourself out there! If there are any questions either reach out to the team or post them in our Facebook event. We would love to hear from you!

DATES & TIMES: Auditions will be held on July 14 & 15, 2024 at the Hopeloft (40 E. Commerce St.) in Bridgeton. Doors open at 6:30 PM and auditions begin at 7:00 PM. Rehearsals will take place in Millville, NJ on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights (subject to adjustment based on cast conflicts). Performances are November 8-16, 2024.

PREPARATION: Auditions will come in two parts. The first 45 minutes or so will be an acting exercise focused on warming up, becoming comfortable with each other, and providing the casting panel and opportunity to get a sense of your ability as actors to ‘play.’ Arrive as close as possible to when the doors open, so we can start as a group and wear something comfortable, so you are not restricted in your movement and can show your best (if you choose to get changed for the next part of auditions, up to you, but no pressure at all).

The second half will be a more traditional reading of brief monologues and scenes. Sides are linked below. You are not required to come with your own material, but rather should be prepared and familiar with the sides that call for roles you are interested in playing. As a director, I strongly prefer an actor that can come in with something prepared that they are most passionate about. An audition form will include a space where you can indicate the roles you would like to be considered for and the sides that you feel strongest at portraying. It will also ask if you would be willing to be flexible and read in other sides during the night. Avoid putting “Any/All” in these slots unless you truly mean it. I’d rather see you do 1 thing very well than 8 things so-so. There is a side available for those only wanting to be considered for part of the ensemble or for smaller roles. You do NOT need to memorize these sides, but be familiar enough that you aren’t just figuring out what you are saying that night. Copies of sides will be available that night and you will have time to practice with others while we are working with others.



Looking for a little extra prep? Check out our FREE Get Comfortable With Shakespeare Workshop on June 30!

Get Comfortable With Shakespeare Workshop

Picture of antique paper with large illustration of William Shakespeare in the right corner. Text says "Get Comfortable With Shakespeare" and "A Free Workshop by FTW Productions"

“Get Comfortable With Shakespeare” Workshop
Presented by For the Whim Productions

When: Sunday, June 30, 2024 • 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts – Millville, NJ
Cost: FREE — but registration is encouraged!


In anticipation of our upcoming auditions for “The Tempest”, FTW is pleased to provide this opportunity for Shakespeare novices (or those who want a little refresher) to become more comfortable with The Bard. Join Shakespeare scholars Heidi Dugan and Brian Danner as they guide you through this free workshop.

Individuals requiring accommodations may request them on the registration form.